6 Tips to Help You Sleep After Watching a Horror Movie

Halloween is just around the corner, which means the movies that come with the scariest time of the year are as prevalent as ever. If you’re a big ol’ scaredy cat like me who sabotages yourself by taking part in watching these scarefests, don’t fret, because I am going to give you six ways to help you get through the scariest part of actually watching these movies—that is, when the movie is finished and you’re left to re-imagine every doppelganger, demon, jump scare, and bad acting choice that was just thrown at you. Here we go!


If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be watching something creepy and crazy, why don’t you make a fun event out of it and ask a couple friends over to stay the night? You can spend some more time with your best buds, order some pizza, and most of all, with all the fun you’ll be having, your mind will be distracted from whatever you just watched. And there’s also strength in numbers. If you get ambushed by a pack of zombies, but you have all your friends surrounding you, you can take them on together. Even better yet, you also have a pretty good chance at surviving if you make sure those nasty things have to get through all your friends before they get to you.

2. Time to get out the ol’ night light

You probably haven’t used one since you were a kid (or maybe you still do because you’re just cool like that) but sometimes the smallest light has the power to vanquish a sea of darkness—pretty sure I heard that in a movie somewhere. But the point is that being able to at least see some of your surroundings will make you feel a little less like you’re about to be jumped by a psychotic doll coming out of nowhere.

3. Keep a furry friend with you

When I was a young girl with a strong fear of the dark, my mom would always bring her little Jack Russell dog into my room to keep me company, and most importantly, keep the monsters at bay. Your dog may be totally unaware that he/she/they are being used as a pawn in a much larger affair between you and the imaginary Hollywood horror movie powers that be, but just know that so long as your furry bestie is there, nothing will dare come for you. Pets and pet pals are off limits. Every monster knows that.

4. Plug up those ears

Now, I was forced to discover the beauty of noise-canceling earplugs while spending freshman year of college in the dorms: a fun, but at times, very TMI experience. But if you know you’re one to get paranoid at hearing the slightest peep in the night, earplugs just might be the way to go. The comfort and effectiveness of the earplugs will vary from brand to brand, but on Amazon you can get some for less than $3. You can even throw in a sleeping mask if you want!

5. Put on some bangerz!

You can handle this in one of two ways. 

Way #1: You can turn up that Beyoncé or Mariah Carey album as loud as you want (or if you don’t live alone, as loud as your family or roommates will let you before storming into your space and making you turn it off), dance around in your PJs, and tire yourself out to the point where you’re so exhausted your mind doesn’t even care if you get snatched up by evil clowns.

Way #2: You can put on some sweet, soft instrumental music and let the noise of something pleasant redirect your mind to (hopefully) pleasant thoughts. Not to mention, making playlists is always fun!

6. Cartoons are your friend

Even though many of us are well into our adult years and have left our childish ways behind us for the most part, it doesn’t hurt to make time for some of our favorite wacky cartoons. Whether you grew up with Bugs Bunny or SpongeBob, you should have a lighthearted, stupidly goofy, entertaining cartoon that can keep your mind off of the terrors of the night. But if you do settle on SpongeBob, here’s a tip: Avoid the “Graveyard Shift” episode. The title should speak for itself.

You should be in good hands if you follow at least one of these tips. And if you can somehow incorporate all six of them, those monsters can go kick rocks because they won’t even be able to touch you. Good luck!

Which scary movies get you the most petrified? Let us know in the comments.


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