Get on the Cool Side, Our New Cooling Pillowcase

We got tired of flipping the pillow over to the cool side. So many of us sleep hot regardless of the season, and according to our pillow quiz, 50% of you struggle with overheating at night as well. Well, wipe that sweat off, and get excited: our Cool Side Pillowcase is here and ready to help you chill out.

Designed with Lulltra Cool technology, the Cool Side Pillowcase is cool to the touch and, best of all, stays cool. That means that you won’t be tossing and turning or flipping and flopping that pillow. That means: yes, you can wake up feeling fine, fresh, and fierce. Let’s put an end to sweaty bedhead. It never looked good anyway.

Join the Cool Side.

Coop Home Goods Cool Side Pillowcase
The Cool Side Pillowcase, starting at $29.99

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