The Story Behind the Solstice Sheet Set

The Solstice Sheet Set was inspired by a spa experience I had in 2017. Their sheets were the softest, most buttery sheets I had ever used, and I didn’t want to leave. It lingered in my head, and I had to have them. I purchased them and eventually realized that while they were amazing in the cooler months, they got way too hot during the summer months.

I asked myself, “What if we could make even softer sheets that could work all year long?”

My team and I spent a year developing these and went through countless revisions. Finally, we arrived at the perfect sheets: sleek on one side for the warmer months and cozy on the other side for the colder months. And utterly soft and enjoyable.

I’m super excited to present to you theĀ Solstice Sheet Set, my personal passion project. I hope you enjoy it as much as the Coop family and I do.

Solstice Sheet Set



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